We bring the reference line into the crypto world.

Anybody who receives or sends a lot of money from their cryptocurrency wallet will know this problem. You have no idea where the money actually comes from. The good old reference line known from traditional bank transfers is not available for existing cryptocurrencies. We want to change this!

With RECO you can send an encrypted text to the receiver of the transaction. And only the sender and the receiver can see it!

The coin is indented to replace other coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin in the payment process and make life easier.

In 10 years every cryptocurrency will have it

And think of this: in 10 years every cryptocurrency will have to have a reference line in order to be successful.
Or can you imagine how useless your bank account would be without a reference line?

We are just ahead of our time.

How RECO could be used

How our coin makes the payment process much easier

With Bitcoin, the customer often has to contact the vendor. Then the vendor sends an email with the payment address. After that, the customer pays and sends an email with the transaction ID back.

With RECO the vendor displays the payment address and a code on its website. The customer pays and specifies the code provided by the vendor. Or the customer can also specify the email address as reference line if he has not already entered the email address on the website of the vendor.

The vendor sees the code or the email address of the customer along with the transaction. He can now contact the customer and provide the service or send the goods.

Nobody else can see the email address or the code, only the customer and the vendor.

We have introduced a worldwide unique new feature with our encrypted reference lines.

This is how the reference line field looks in the wallet

The new feature is ready: You can now send coins to a nickname 

Click here to read more about the nicknames and how you can create a nickname

What we have created

We have created a new cryptocurrency based on an own blockchain which supports reference lines. The sender of a payment can send any text message to the receiver of the payment along with the transaction.

The reference lines are AES encrypted. Only the sender and the receiver of the coins are able to decrypt the reference lines!

Why you should invest now – Why RECO is better

  • Solves the buyer dilemma: I sent the money to the vendor. But does he know what it is for and who I am? I have to send an email.
  • Solves the vendor dilemma: I got the money. But who was it again who sent it? What is the reference/customer number?
  • RECO is brand new and has enormous potential
  • RECO has fantastic technical improvements which are highly needed in the crypto world
  • RECO is faster than Bitcoin with a block time of 2,5 minutes
  • RECO has a maximum block size of 2 MB instead of 1 MB with Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • This means RECO can process 8 times more transactions than Bitcoin and 2 times more transactions than Litecoin
  • This means: RECO is faster, can process more transactions and therefore the transaction fees are much lower
  • RECO is the first coin which has an encrypted reference line
  • RECO is one of the very few coins which support nicknames
  • Bitcoin and Litecoin don’t have an encrypted reference line and have no nicknames
  • RECO is based on the same source code as Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • RECO can also send Chinese or other letters in the reference line.
  • The reference line can have up to 200 characters after it is encrypted and Base58 encoded. This means you can use approximately 130 characters for the reference line.
  • The reference line is AES encrypted
  • Only the sender and the receiver and read the reference line

Our vision – We make the world better and make cryptocurrencies easier!

We share the vision of the Bitcoin and Blockchain pioneers. We believe in a decentralized currency without a dependency on federal banks. We trust in Blockchain…

But we spotted a major issue in Bitcoin and (so far) all other existing cryptocurrencies and corrected it with our new cryptocurrency.

We envision a world were cryptocurrencies are broadly accepted and are a true alternative to existing fiat currencies.

This can only happen if it is easy to use cryptocurrencies. From a user’s perspective, the reference line is a must!

To see the bright future of RECO coins you only need one glance into the crystal ball

Please help us grow our cryptocurrency

These are things you can do to help us:

  • Download our wallet
  • Spread the word, share links to our website, make posts on the internet
  • Buy our coin on https://www.cadkas.de/exchange
  • Start mining our coin
  • Run a full node (if you have a server on the internet you can run a full node. Please contact us and I can include the IP address of your server in the source code of the coin)

Download our wallet

Download the windows installation file

The current price on our exchange

Last price in BTC: 0.00003000 BTC
Last price in ETH: 0.00042400 ETH
Last price in $: 0.27256260 USD
24h change: -2.4390 %
24h max buy: 0.00003265 BTC
24h min sell: 0.00002800 BTC
24h max buy: 0.00046146 ETH
24h min sell: 0.00039574 ETH
24h closed orders: 30
24h RECO volume: 13,130.85011400
24h BTC volume: 0.39024047
24h USD volume: $3,545.50

The source code of the actual coin

You can find the source code of the actual coin here on GitHub: https://github.com/cadkas/referencelinecoin.


January: Initial Idea for the coin, creation of the ERC20 tokens for the ICO
February:  ICO with ERC20 tokens (the ERC20 token were only used for the ICO before the real coin was ready)
March: ICO, Development of the coin starts. The actual coin is ready. The coin is listed on stocks.exchange
April: You can now trade our coin for Bitcoin on our own internal exchange https://www.cadkas.com/exchange
Coins can now be sent to a nickname
We now have a Windows program to print paper wallets for save offline storage of RECO.

You can now rent mining hardware on https://www.earea.de/mining_en/ and pay with RECO for the mining hardware!

The next year

70% priority: Marketing campaign

  • Advertisement on big news websites like www.coindesk.com or news.bitcoin.com.
  • Find influencers which promote us on YouTube
  • First target: 5.000-10.000 active traders for our coin. Create a very liquid market for the coin.
  • If there are enough buyers, sell some RECO and use this to pay the listing fee to list the coin on one big exchange.
  • The listing on a big exchange will bring in even more buyers.

30% priority: make technical improvements

  • Create Apps for smartphones (Android and iOS)
  • Other technical improvements

About the cryptocurrency

The coin is based on Litecoin. The maximum supply of the coin is 87 million coins. 3 million coins have been pre-mined for us and for the early investors to exchange their tokens for the actual coin.

The symbol of our coin is RECO.

A new block is created every 2.5 minutes. The block reward is 50 RECO. The maximum block size is 2 MB.

So 864000 RECO are mined every month now. After 840000 blocks the block reward is halved to 25 RECO per block and so on.

The Reference line coin addresses are longer than Litecoin addresses. This is because the addresses not only contain the public key hash for sending the coins but also include a public key to encrypt the reference lines.

Two different public keys are used. One public key to send the coins and one public key to encrypt the reference lines. The private and public keys are used to create the encryption key for the AES encryption of the reference lines.